Monday, June 21, 2010

Thing # 23

This is a great way to learn and earn. Considering that we're having staffing issues I propose more online CEU enhanced courses. I found Flickr to be less intimidating that I had thought it to be. I believe to be a very practical site that can be accessed from anywhere. Web 2.0 was a great look at libraries of the future but as with many futuristic predictions other technologies will be born and those that were imagined will vanish. Probably my least favorite and most frustrating was #18 If there is another online learning tool devised like this I will be delighted to participate.

Thing #22

22 and counting! I went to our website and put
American Outrage by Tim Green
on hold and wanted to download I, Alex Cross by Patterson but realized that I'll have to do that from my home computer. I also reservedDavid Sedaris's Live at Carnegie Hall in audio format.

Thing # 21

I really enjoy NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me which is live on Saturday afternoons. This introduction to podcasts will be wonderful so I won't have to miss an episode since I've learned how to down load it to my computer or mp3 should I learn how to use my mp3 player.

Thing # 20

Hard to resist, eh?

Thing # 19

This Web 2.0 could have been overwhelming but I started with the short list and found a great real estate site. Zillow is very user friendly for anyone in the market to sell, rent, or buy. One can post a rental by owner or sale by owner. There is a small fee for featured listings on the site which receives a prominent place for 180 days. Recent sales and foreclosures in the are easy to find. The help topics are comprehensive containing topics such as the housing market in your area, mortgage rates, refinancing information and local real estate agents. This would be very helpful for customers moving into the area or looking for housing elsewhere.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thing # 18 Copy of index card template avery 5388 - Google Docs

For some reason I designed this very arresting doc HOWEVER it no longer works. It also allowed anyone into my personal email. Couldn't have that now. I'll try again later.

Copy of index card template avery 5388 - Google Docs

Thing # 17 Sand box wiki

Tried and tried but could not play in the sandbox. The most recent post I found when I Googled Maryland Libraries Wiki was a post on 8/2007 from a lucky person who indicated that he actually posted his blog. It was there at one time but appears to not be a happening link.